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1ec5 commented Mar 22, 2018

MGLTilePyramidOfflineRegion should have a countOfTiles method that returns the number of tiles included in the tile pyramid. The implementation would rely on the mbgl::util::tileCount() function added in #9906.

This is the iOS/macOS equivalent to #11108 for Android. It would serve as a built-in alternative to mapbox/turf-swift#47 for applications already using the map SDK, including applica

LiuVII commented Apr 3, 2019

We noticed that we have some common patterns for common conflicts/duplicate resolution in our monorepo across different binaries.

    Duplicate('^BUILD', Duplicate.SKIP),
    Duplicate('^META-INF/ASL2.0', Duplicate.SKIP),
    Duplicate('^META-INF/INDEX.LIST', Duplicate.SKIP),
    Duplicate('^META-INF/', Duplicate.SKIP
tunnckoCore commented Feb 9, 2018

Which will behave like that

let settings = await prettyConfig('rollup', { configFiles })

if (!settings) {
  settings = await prettyConfig('rolldown', { configFiles })

instead of above we can hide it to look like that

const settings = await prettyConfig(['rollup', 'rolldown'], { configFiles })

if (!settings) {
  console.log('no config file

Flexible production-grade boilerplate with Next.js 9, Vercel and TypeScript. Includes multiple opt-in presets using Airtable, GraphQL, Analytics, CSS-in-JS, Monitoring, End-to-end testing, Internationalization, CI/CD and SaaS B2B multi single-tenancy (monorepo) support

  • Updated Sep 25, 2020
  • Ruby

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