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johang88 commented Jul 30, 2020

Release Type: Github
Describe the bug
Adding an instancing component and then a model component crashes the instancing processor.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Add instancing component to an entity,
  2. Add model component to the same entity
  3. Exception time

Expected behavior
It should not crash.

If applicable, add screenshots to

vectorcharlie commented Jan 27, 2020

Currently is not possible to drop a file or group of files (or folders) from the desktop to a Panda3d window. In my case, as I am doing a media player/file sequence flipbook, it would be a great feature. Don't know if it would be useful for a game, but any kind of application that uses P3D as the backend would have a benefit of it.

RBD mentioned the following:

"On Windows, from a cursory loo

britzl commented Oct 13, 2020

Describe the bug (REQUIRED)
The spec for 204 No Content states that no Content-Length header should be sent. The Defold http client is strict about this and will assert if a Content-Length header is included.

To Reproduce (REQUIRED)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Make a HTTP request to a resource which returns 204 No Content and a Conten-Length header
  2. Observe crash


enzo1982 commented Dec 15, 2019

This ticket serves as a tracker for translations needing updates for fre:ac 1.1.3. It will be updated once the status of a translation changes.

Help is needed to update the translations for fre:ac 1.1.3 which has been released on 11th October 2020. The next point release is planned for December 2020.

New translations to as of yet unsupported languages are more than welcome as well of c

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