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arcresu commented Jun 1, 2019

Some of our wiki pages are outdated. User manual or developer guide type information should move into the sphinx docs for better visibility and so that it's versioned with the code. I think it makes sense to use the wiki for longer-term planning or planning of big changes, with the target audience being beets contributors. Where possible smaller plans can go to issues on beets with appropriate lab

ghost commented Sep 21, 2019

I am relatively new to the CLI, and I am slowly moving from beginner to intermediate, so I thought that I would try using CLI programs, to further improve my understanding. This program looks looks great, but the explanation of how to do the installation on Linux, is quite literally all over the place.

Whilst MacOS, Windows, FreeBSD, and Raspberry Pi have obvious sections close at hand, there i

porteous42 commented Dec 27, 2019

First off, I am assuing the commnand line tool is... /Applications/
If I try and call this, I get the following /Users/xy/quodlibet/osx_bundle/_home/jhbuild_prefix/bin/python3: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
I assume this is because there is no "xy" user on my Mac. I see the first line of that file is #!/Users/xy/quodlibet/osx_bundle/_ho

即使不用云音乐听曲儿,也请务必收藏好该库!🔥 一行代码即可接入,音乐播放控制组件 - Even if you don't listen to the music by Spotify, be sure to collect this library, please! 🔥 This music player component can be accessed by only one line of code. Supporting by LiveData & AndroidX.

  • Updated Feb 25, 2020
  • Java

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