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andycnguyen commented Jun 22, 2021

Describe the bug

Calling .length on string data in a template throws HandlebarsUndefinedBindingException (or returns an empty string).

Expected behavior:

Calling .length on string data outputs the length of that string, as it does in HandlebarsJS.

Test to reproduce

public void StringLength()
    var handlebars = Handlebars.Create();
    var rende
digitalsanctum commented Mar 14, 2021

I'd like to be able to use ramhorns with arbitrary data supplied via JSON. From what I can tell, serde_json::Value fits the requirement for doing this but ramhorns uses a derive trait which won't work with serde_json::Value because it's an enum.

Is there a workaround or an easier way to accomplish using arbitrary data with ramhorns that doesn't require using the ramhorns::Content trait?

full-stack java file server with no limitation for files uploads and downloads: spring-boot + Gradle Kotlin DSL, Gradle buildSrc, postgres / h2, apache fileUpload, lombok, mustache, docker, jgiven, powermock, gradle, CI, bootstrap 4, bootstrap-filelinput, webjars, maven github-release-plugin, nginx, haproxy, reverse-proxy

  • Updated Apr 15, 2021
  • Java

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