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DNXie commented Aug 24, 2020


This is a documentation bug. The parameter of API mxnet.test_utils.check_numeric_gradient is not consistent between signature and Parameter section. There is a parameter check_eps in the Parameter section, but it is not in the signature.

Link to document:

chan4cc commented Apr 26, 2021

New Operator

Describe the operator

Why is this operator necessary? What does it accomplish?

This is a frequently used operator in tensorflow/keras

Can this operator be constructed using existing onnx operators?

If so, why not add it as a function?

I don't know.

Is this operator used by any model currently? Which one?

Are you willing to contribute it?

yxchng commented Dec 31, 2020

There are many links in Kinetics that have expired. As as result, everyone might not be using the same Kinetics dataset. As a reference, the statistics of the Kinetics dataset used in PySlowFast can be found here, However, I cannot seem to find similar information for gluoncv. Will you guys be sharing the statistics and

preeyank5 commented Dec 3, 2020


While using tokenizers.create with the model and vocab file for a custom corpus, the code throws an error and is not able to generate the BERT vocab file

Error Message

ValueError: Mismatch vocabulary! All special tokens specified must be control tokens in the sentencepiece vocabulary.

To Reproduce

from import tokenizers
tokenizers.create('spm', model_p


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