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txntxn commented Apr 10, 2019

The documentation for search_k is inconsistent.

In some places, it says: "search_k nodes which defaults to n_trees * n if not provided"

In other places, it says: "If search_k is not provided, it will default to n * n_trees * D where n is the number of approximate nearest neighbors and D is a constant depending on the metric."

Which is it?

And if it is D, could you enumerate the dif

scsven commented Nov 20, 2019

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Sometimes server running on another host, there hasn't a simple way to get server_config.yaml content in client side.

Describe the solution you'd like
Add a rpc command to get server_config.yaml content.

Describe alternatives you've considered

Additional context

ivanshilo commented Apr 29, 2019

I suggest you update Documentation page with a better explanation regarding windows.
I do not know how things are going with installation through Python environment, but direct compilation of library is not possible not because you do not provide Visual Studio project or something but because FHHT is mostly written in inline assembler code that is supported by GCC/Clang compilers only.

jayaram-r commented Nov 18, 2019

Firstly, thanks for this very useful library implementing the NN-descent method. I am using pynndescent version 0.3.3 and these are the versions of some other relevant packages:

numpy - 1.16.2
numba - 0.46.0
scikit-learn - 0.20.3
scipy - 1.2.1
joblib - 0.14.0

The library works very well with predefined distance metrics, but I ran into an error while using it with my own dis

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