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t-io是基于aio的网络编程框架:完善的脚手架、丰富的业务API、够用的文档、大量生产案例 以行践言“让天下没有难驾驭的网络编程”

Star Java Updated Aug 26, 2019

Writing scalable server applications in the Java™ programming language has always been difficult. Before the advent of the Java New I/O API (NIO), thread management issues made it impossible for a server to scale to thousands of users. The Grizzly NIO framework has been designed to help developers to take advantage of the Java™ NIO API.

Star Java Updated Aug 24, 2019

🎉🎉🎉JAVA高级架构师技术栈==任何技能通过 “刻意练习” 都可以达到融会贯通的境界,就像烹饪一样,这里有一份JAVA开发技术手册,只需要增加自己练习的次数。🏃🏃🏃

Star Java Updated Aug 25, 2019
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