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nishantwrp commented Aug 28, 2020

Currently, in our tsconfig.json we don't have strict rule enabled. But as per discussion in #10327 we have decided to enable this rule. We can't do this at once because of a huge number of errors. So, we've decided to do it gradually file by file. For reference on what does strict rule do you can look for --strict here.

RachL commented Sep 9, 2020


When using the forgotten password feature, emails title are sent in English and cannot be translated currently. This issue is created to solve this problem.

Expected Behavior

The user should receive the email in the language they are suing on the platform

Actual Behaviour

Everyone receives the email in English

Steps to Reproduce

  1. From the home page,
jibe-b commented Mar 13, 2018

Logos and pictures could be in the settings file to make the config even easier.

For example, logo is in:

<img src="/logo/openki.png" alt="Openki logo">
<img src="/logo/openki.png" class="kiosk-logo kiosk-logo-openki">

I'll have a look at meteor templates (not done much with meteorjs until now) and may do it.

laurentS commented May 1, 2020

Looking at the email inbox, I feel like a number of people are super keen on at least doing well with MapSwipe, and spend a lot of effort to make sure their contributions are not wasted, or do not go against the overall effort.
I'm opening this ticket as a way to collect ideas of things we could suggest people can do to help the project, in ways that do not require particular technical skills lik

sannleen commented Apr 27, 2020

Current behavior
Toast message displayed when creating programs, projects, indicators are not displayed the same

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Add a program // toast with class .toast-message is displayed
  2. Add a project // toast with class .toast-message is displayed
  3. Add a indicator // toast message with class div is displayed

Expected behavior
the t

rafaels88 commented Oct 3, 2017

Today our specs are implementing an own database cleaner helper to clean the tables on each spec. But it is badly implemented, since it is necessary to call the helper on every spec file, and it is looping on every repository to call for each repo object and clean its database. Yes, it is dummy.

This task is about to replace this implementation to use the database_cleaner gem

BenHenning commented Sep 25, 2020

#1876 updated proto file comments incorrectly, e.g.:

// Maps from: data/src/main/java/org/oppia/data/backends/gae/model/GaeVoiceover.kt in voiceover.proto was incorrectly replaced with // Maps from: data/src/main/java/ It should be: ``// Maps from: data/src/main/java/org/oppia/android/android/data/backends/gae/model/GaeVo

Realm application code and sample data for the Officer's Fishery Information Sharing Hub (O-FISH). The mobile app allows fisheries officers to document and share critical information gathered during a routine vessel inspection. The web app allows agencies to gain insights from the aggregated information.

  • Updated Sep 25, 2020
  • JavaScript

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