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acidtonic commented Sep 10, 2021

Base64 packing the logo is unproductive and prohibitively complicated.

Originally I just thought it was related to the method of delivery, minification,etc....

But then I discovered the "enterprise" copy you sell directly offers the "feature" of changing the logo, which then just packs up a new image.

Now I realize why changing the logo is difficult and you won't document how to do it in

rossmcdonald commented Jan 6, 2021

While not technically in violation of the OpenAPI specification, including a query parameter in a path should be flagged as an error in Spectral:

A path has specific meaning in HTTP as a part of a URL that comes after the host name and before the query string or fragment. A "path item" key must be only a path, it cannot have a query string or a fragment.

For example, the following when def

silvanheller commented Nov 17, 2021

Ideally, the Cottontail Access Layer would be refactored so that the schema to be used (currently cineast) can be specified in the config. This would mean we could write tests using the "real" database names and eliminate the hypothetical user error where tests are run against a productive database.

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