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aaitor commented Aug 9, 2019

The intention of this Epic story is to deliver the first end to end use case bringing compute to the data as is defined in the OEP-12 using the Ocean Protocol stack.

This epic story is organized in 6 independent milestones:

  • 1. Architecture definition of the complete solution (updated OEP-12, OEP-7 and OEP-8) (#237)
  • 2. End t
diminator commented Jan 10, 2019
shortname: <TBA>
name: SignCondition
type: Standard
status: Proposal
editors: Dimitri De Jonghe <>


This document describes the Ocean's SignCondition that can be used in the modular Service Execution Agreements (SEA), see OEP/SEA.
Functions, components and implementation details are la

kremalicious commented Nov 29, 2018

For whatever reason all API paths are documented with the base path prepended to them. Additionally, the name of the software is part of the path too. While the latter seems like an architectural problem, showing the full paths in the documentation shouldn't be like that.

Current behavior

This is the currently documented path for getting asset IDs:

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