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zuphilip commented Jan 2, 2020

Currently, the web GUI is automatically prettied printed the outputs while in the CLI the user has not much clue how to do that. It is written in the help that any Saxon parameter can be passed, but how to pretty print then is still not clear. For me it feels that the used !indent=yes used in the call from the web GUI is hard to find out. Thus, I suggest to introduce a new parameter --pretty i

tboenig commented Oct 23, 2019

Please debug your ocrd_tool.json file.
I found some errors:

<report valid="false">
  <error>[tools.ocrd-kraken-binarize.input_file_grp] 'OCR-D-IMG' is not of type 'array'</error>
  <error>[tools.ocrd-kraken-binarize.output_file_grp] 'OCR-D-IMG-BIN' is not of type 'array'</error>
  <error>[tools.ocrd-kraken-binarize.parameters.level-of-operation] 'description' is a required propert

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