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rabbah commented Apr 2, 2020

The typescript runtime was recently added to openwhisk but we do not yet have docs for the runtime and it is missing from runtimes.json.

We need a doc like for typescript functions.

Adding the runtime to the runtime manifest can be done per

carljmosca commented Nov 22, 2019

Is it the intent that shift-home should move the cursor to the start of the line on MacOS? This behavior seems to be gone from zsh as opposed to bash so perhaps it's no longer expected.

Wondering if there's some key definition I have missed.

travigd commented Feb 6, 2020

Just spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to determine why the wsk CLI was working on one machine and not on another. The ultimate issue was that I ended up specifying the APIHOST variable as https://localhost:8443/ in the config file, with the trailing slash, which causes 404s since the CLI was sending requests to https://localhost:8443//api/v1/namespaces/_/triggers?limit=0&skip=0 (n

mrutkows commented Aug 4, 2020

It became apparent to me that we have not kept the docs current as to what values in the manifest now support interpolation (and more could!).

This involves going through the manifest parser:

and look for all places where a value is extracted via the "InterpolateStringWithEnvVar()" function and document

mhamann commented Oct 17, 2019

Add logic to detect when an API might be calling itself (directly or via another API) in a loop, and terminate the loop.

This can be done through injection of unique headers for every hop through the gateway.

For example:

Client request -> GW: GET /api1
GW inject header: X-ApiGw-Loop: get_api1
GW request -> GW: GET /api2
GW inject header: X-ApiGw-Loop: get_api1 get_api2
GW req

Serverless bank check deposit processing with object storage and optical character recognition using Apache OpenWhisk powered by IBM Cloud Functions. See the Tech Talk replay for a demo.

  • Updated Aug 6, 2020
  • JavaScript
ieb commented Mar 1, 2018

If the npm package that is defined by was published to npm then projects would be able to depend on it and get the current set of js dependencies present in OW. Those projects building with webpack would also be able to exclude those packages from their builds, making their images smaller.

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