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Peer-to-Peer (P2P) applications share resources and communicate in a decentralized or distributed architecture. Often application nodes communicate directly with each other or cooperate to do work which benefits other nodes or the overall P2P system. In a pure P2P system, there is no distinction between client and server.

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sanket1729 commented Oct 8, 2020

IRC logs

sanket1729: How can decoderawtransaction RPC know reqSigs if the output scriptpubkey is p2sh/p2wsh? I think it is returning 1 everytime.
sipa: sanket1729: it only works for bare multisig
sipa: we should probably just remove it

The output parameter for reqSigs is confusing as it outputs 1 for all scripts but bare multisig in the scriptpubkey. Considering the limited applicab

ricmoo commented Sep 9, 2020

I've found historic issues regarding the Rinkeby Faucet in this repository, and @karalabe suggested opening an issue to remind him to fix this.

The URL parser for Facebook Post URLs on the Authenticated Rinkeby Faucet does not correctly parse URLs if they end in a / or contains a query string.

Thanks! :)

MarioIshac commented Oct 16, 2020


Tagging a peer only applies that tag to the selected row of that peer instead of all their rows, until a restart is done.



Steps to reproduce

Tag an untagged peer who has multiple rows on the offer sheet.

Expected behaviour

All rows of this peer would update to reflect the new tag.

Actual behaviour

Only the selected row of this peer

cinnamon-bun commented Jun 7, 2019

There is a user with a dick pic as their icon. Many people have blocked them, as have I.

I recently clicked through to their profile page to remember if I had blocked them and although their posts are hidden, their user icon is still shown.

Can we use CSS to blur the user icons of blocked and ignored users?

filter: blur(8px);
-webkit-filter: blur(8px);

(Those icons might al

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