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pkaske commented Dec 29, 2020

I figured out a way to get the (x,y,z) data points for each frame from one hand previously. but im not sure how to do that for the new holistic model that they released. I am trying to get the all landmark data points for both hands as well as parts of the chest and face. does anyone know how to extract the holistic landmark data/print it to a text file? or at least give me some directions as to h

egordon commented Sep 30, 2021

There are a few key issues with the RosJointStateClient:

(1) There's no reason to lock the mSkeleton mutex in spin, since we don't read or write from it at all.

(2) There is not reason to store the mSkeleton pointer anyway, since we never use it.

(3) We should decide on a better interface. Eith


A complete end-to-end demonstration in which we collect training data in Unity and use that data to train a deep neural network to predict the pose of a cube. This model is then deployed in a simulated robotic pick-and-place task.

  • Updated Nov 8, 2021
  • Python

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