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Pharo is an open source dynamic and reflective language inspired from the programming language

and integrated development environment (IDE) Smalltalk.

Pharo offers strong live programming features such as immediate object manipulation,

live update and hot recompiling. The live programming environment is at the heart of the system.

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jecisc commented Jun 6, 2019

Today I was doing a lot of changes on some variables in a deep hierarchy.

Current Pharo tools allow developers to find accesses to a variable in a class but not in a hierarchy so I had to make this snippet:

origin := AbstractWidgetPresenter.
variableName := #borderColor.
(origin slots detect: [ :e | e name = variableName ]) usingMethods collect: #methodClass as: Set

Iceberg is a set of tools that allow one to handle git repositories directly from a Pharo image. Right now we support only git, but Iceberg is designed to allow other code versioning systems in the future. The final aim of Iceberg is to become the default repository manager for Pharo-core, allowing for smoother and faster integration of contributions, as well as better branch and version management.

  • Updated Nov 26, 2020
  • Smalltalk

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Released April 15, 2010

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