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schoen commented Apr 2, 2018

The issue at


suggests that Boulder's error message, at least for IPv6 addresses, is somewhat confusing because it doesn't make explicit that Boulder has understood the request and refused it for policy reasons. Could we perhaps detect when a certificate request refers to an IP address and put "Can't issue certificate for IP address" or something

GlennJC commented Feb 1, 2019

How to correctly merge parameters from Get-LabPostInstallationActivity and HostStart.ps1 for Custom Roles

When using custom roles (I'll use the MDT role as an example), parameters not provided in the Get-LabPostInstallationActivity call from the parent script are not merged with the param definition in the HostStart.ps1 file, causing the Sync-Parameter call to end up with an incomplete list

stefangweichinger commented Feb 21, 2018

I setup test VMs with debops.snmpd and now want to connect to them by using the generated agent account (ansible/secret/snmp/credentials/admin/username ...)

Even after disabling iptables and tcpwrappers I can't get a single snmpwalk-command return with results:

root@deb_snmp:~# snmpwalk -v3 -a SHA -A G5DcxEVCQgteStJ34ukmCyYvoDSASABWOxRifErfnw7u9F6f -X 1rOM8Zn823oEAgzxOJ9otjoR70RLqLm2w88
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