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rhaamo commented Nov 12, 2019

An user should be able to get an archive of:

  • All original track files
  • Tracks artworks
  • User avatar
  • user.json with profile
  • tracks.json with tracks infos

Possible issue : the archive will be more-or-less the same size of all the user tracks, disk space should be checked before generating it through celery.

We will introduce the celery beat to periodically remove the archive after

tonywhitmore commented May 22, 2017

This is part enhancement, part bug-fix really. Some feeds use a generic filename for the download file, such as media.mp3. One example is the Adam Buxton podcast. The RSS feed is here:

So for example the URL is and the file is saved as media.mp3. This is obviously not very useful or helpful to the user

vjs3 commented Oct 14, 2018

The project is just in the initial stage. I have my own ideas to have better structuring than the current format. Although it's a good format for the beginning, there is definitely room for improvements.

All suggestions are welcome from keeping it like as it is to create a table with user feedback and more. I will write a detailed document with my thoughts about organizing it but I am open to a

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