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lynxlynxlynx commented Mar 9, 2018

The "Other" area category currently has 73 entries. 1 is from an offshore French colony in Africa, 1 on Cyprus, but the rest are from the capital of Tanzania.

This means they are not counted toward Tanzania stats.

Both Cyprus (id 89288dd7-70e5-4cd2-98ba-f3f933d3488f) and Tanzania seem to suffer from the same problem, visible on the coast. The polys are too generalised and need buffering towa

bug good first issue Easier issues appropriate for newcomers

W A R N I N G: This is a previous proof of concept of CanAirIO device firmware over a TTGO T-Display board, but now it is only a old reference. The last stable version of CanAirIO device already have support for this board and many features more. Please use the official CanAirIO Firmware instead of this firmware.

  • Updated Dec 16, 2021
  • C++

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