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jenovateurs commented Nov 27, 2019


Windows 10 - Wamp - PHP 7.2.18


With Phalcon V3, I can have multiple project at the root of the server like :
With Phalcon V4, I get this error:

HelloWorld2Controller handler class cannot be loaded

#0 [internal function]: Phalcon\Mvc\Dispatcher->throwDispatchException('HelloWorld2Cont...', 2)
JoshaMunnik commented Dec 20, 2019

This is a (multiple allowed):

  • bug

  • enhancement?

  • feature-discussion (RFC)

  • CakePHP Version: 4.0.0

What you did

I created a small test app. I created a table categories with two translatable text fields. I used the shadow table strategy and created a table categories_translations containing an id, locale and two text fields using the same names.

I baked the

ohnonot commented Mar 16, 2019

thank you for this lightweight, fast flat file CMS!

I have been using pico for some time, but my blog has grown to ~70 pages and now there's a definite increase in loading time.
Not so with Phile! I was able to re-use some of my pico templates and can make a direct comparison. Much faster.

Trying to port all templates over to Phile, I miss some documentation, most of all a list

lezhnev74 commented Jul 16, 2019

Currently, the body of the request is validated as a string:

This does not work with schema validation at the moment. The problem is that we CAN specify multipart body format with a schema.

Review and decide how to change that.


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