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shahzebsiddiqui commented Dec 27, 2019

Section 5 on Web Interface
should have section on installation of cobber web package. There was no reference for it, and I had trouble figuring this out until I asked the community.
There should be a section 5.0 Installing Cobbler Web that mentions how to install the package.



datakid commented Dec 22, 2019

bmcdiscover --version
bmcdiscover - xCAT Version 2.15 (git commit
218c6d3acc8bdbd7f72115e48cda2b1a3613d18a, built Mon Nov 4 15:17:59
EST 2019)

bmcdiscover logs the passwords passed with -p

Looking through /var/log/messages on another mission, I noticed our
root password. Someone had forgotten which pw combo they were meant to
be using with bmcdiscover.

There are two potential soluti

ggiamarchi commented Oct 8, 2019

A common use case with PXE Pilot is to deploy a configuration for a host that launch an operating system installer. Most of the time, when doing that we want to reboot the machine immediately. Currently, those two steps can't be done with a single command. Using the CLI, we have to run

pxe-pilot config deploy CONFIG HOST

and then,

pxe-pilot host reboot HOST

It would

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