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HazemMhiri commented Oct 1, 2019

Expected Behavior

I expect my app to build both in dev and in production.

Current Behavior

Build fails with both razzle start and razzle build.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. install and import aws-amplify-react

Detailed Description

Here is the error trace:

:root {

SyntaxError: Unexpected token :
    at Modul
MargaretKrutikova commented Mar 2, 2019

According to reason-react docs instance variables should be stored in state and be marked with ref instead of mutable to prepare for concurrent react.

I am unsure whether this makes any difference for a global state management solution like reductive, but would be nice to have a better insight into thi

glennsl commented Nov 15, 2019

Calls to dispatch currently results in deferred execution of the reducer and does not guarantee that messages are processed in the order they were dispatched. This can cause subtle bugs when the reducer has side-effects that depend on ordering.

I understand the motivation for this is to have potentially blocking calls in the reducer not block the UI thread. As I understand it, the deferred

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