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reMarkable tablet

The reMarkable tablets are open note-taking devices featuring an e-ink screen, a touchscreen, and a pen digitizer. The devices come with root access by default and a Linux-based operating system, which sparked a rich community of enthusiasts who develop software to extend the capabilities of the tablets.

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raisjn commented Oct 9, 2020

another way of presenting the information in would be as an interactive webpage, where it shows an example package file and when you hover over a section, it presents the relevant information from

combining this webpage with the text from (which talks about how to compile, install and test a package) wo

lucasrla commented Jan 3, 2021

Woops! Sorry for that, and thank you for catching it! I meant to type continue there but I slipped. Testing the codebase on the demo directory did not raise problems so I went along.

No promises here, but would you be open to PRs related to building an integration test suites? Such regressions could be caught pretty easily with basic tests.

_Originally posted by @clement-elbaz in ht

lgm42 commented Jan 25, 2021

Describe the bug
Applications are displayed in alphabetic order in the list using the name instead of display name. So "Process manager" is displayed before "Mines".

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1/ Install mines
2/ Click on import apps

Expected behavior

Mines should be before Process Manager

Version Information:

  • Device: reMarkable 2
  • OS: any

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