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tlringer commented Apr 26, 2019

The automatically generated type is, for example:

: forall (A : Type) (v : {H : nat & vector A H}),
      (fun H : {H : nat & vector A H} => orn_list_vector A (orn_list_vector_inv A H) = H) v

We want, for example:

: forall (A : Type) (v : {H : nat & vector A H}),
    orn_list_vector A (orn_list_vector_inv A v) = v

We can pass this type to Coq. While we're at it, w

Database application for in-store registering of warranty and service/repair processes in general. It enables store staff to keep an organized log of the products left for repair by costumers, their route during the process and the communications made. Processes that require special attention, for instance because of a delay in delivery or while waiting for an answer from the costumer, are highlighted in the main list, in order to allow proper intervention by the staff team.

  • Updated Jun 30, 2019
  • Python

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