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coldwarrl commented Sep 28, 2018

Add function to BaseComponentBuilder for defining a content-based size

Current behavior

Currently the API provides a 'size' function which defines the size of the component, e.g. Panel, inclusive artifacts like borders and shadows.

Improved behavior

Since the API user often is more interested in defining the size of the actual content of a component, it would be nice to have an add

Mikolaj commented May 3, 2019

Windows have them already, Debian should too, when it gets updated, browser has it. So other Linuxes and Homebrew are left without icons, I think. The original icons are at

and some other versions are here

If it's too hard (e.g., on Linuxes too distro-dependent), it

Mikolaj commented Oct 5, 2019

Validate all appearances of these 6 constructors, as described in their comments:

An easier and related task is to catch occurrences of the last 3 of the constructors where the first argument is an empty list (and so the terrain modification can ne

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