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donmccurdy commented Sep 27, 2019

The deprecated decodeDracoFile method should be removed and replaced with a parse method similar to other loaders. Currently decodeDracoFile does not propagate errors, and should do so. So probably a signature like:

dracoLoader.parse( arrayBuffer, /* options, maybe? */, onLoad, onError );
trusktr commented Feb 10, 2019

I see the "Welcome" doc page mentions "component system", but it is very vague. Can you describe what are all the reasons that I'd want to use Whitestorm over plain Three.js, f.e. what are all the things I get that Three.js does no offer, so that I can better understand?


mattfelsen commented Aug 28, 2017
  • show example of using std::bind instead of lambdas for signal callbacks
  • example of event dispatch system - both dispatching & receiving
  • note on subclassing BaseViews says you'll override update or draw, but it's just as likely to not override and instead only manage child views via callbacks (child tapped, animate this, etc.). Update docs to reflect?
  • keyboard shortcuts u

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