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amstan commented Apr 12, 2020

Together with issue #4, we should write a few tests for making sure refdeses do stay consistent. Something like a copy of servo_micro, and a ton of patches on top of it (all parented to one servo_micro, not on a chain, more like a star). Apply each of those patches then see if refdeses are sticking.

git checkout c718fbc~1 examples/ from google/pcbdl@ba3

joshcomley commented Nov 1, 2019

Describe the bug
I am using Angular 9 RC0, so this may not be supported (yet), but essentially I can't get any of this plugin to work without the title error message appearing. Even the azureLogout command fails.

To Reproduce
Follow precisely the instructions on the readme for this plugin, but with Angular 9 up to and including step 4: Deploy your project to Azure.

The command

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