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pabakal1 commented Apr 28, 2019


Using Mouse.GetState() returns (0,0) for position when using the trackpad. Using an external mouse works. This cannot be fixed with Mouse.GetState(int).

Repro steps

Call: Console.WriteLine(Mouse.GetState()); in an update frame function.

Expected behavior

It should return the X and Y displacement of your mouse

Actual behavior

It returns (0,0)


razorx89 commented Mar 15, 2019

Currently, the headless mode uses default parameters from PyChromeDevTools for connecting to a chrome headless instance.
However, if you use a chrome headless running as docker instance and want to connect from another docker instance (e.g. when using docker-compose), the headl

banesullivan commented Jul 22, 2019

We need to create a tutorial for structured grids that walks users through how to create many different types/configurations of structured grids.

The main point of confusion I see is with what the dimensions mean - most users expect this to be the number of points in each axial direction, and this will work for most users. However, the dimensions really only care about the structure of the

Computator.NET is a special kind of numerical software that is fast and easy to use but not worse than others feature-wise. It's features include: - Real and complex functions charts - Real and complex calculator - Real functions numerical calculations including different methods - Over 107 Elementary functions - Over 141 Special functions - Over 21 Matrix functions and operations - Scripting language with power to easy computations including matrices - You can declare your own custom functions with scripting language

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rusu24edward commented Aug 28, 2019

Is your feature request related to a problem?

One of our users defines dozens of expressions and has a very difficult time sifting through them because they are ordered by created instead of alphabetically.

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