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Cybersecurity (security) includes controlling physical access to hardware as well as protection from attacks that come via network access, data injection, and code injection.

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excid3 commented Jun 17, 2021

I'm managing a bunch of servers and they're running Caddy v2. The upgrade command works great for upgrading with the packages previously chosen. In the future, it's likely I'll want to add/remove packages from that list over time.

Would it make sense to add flags to add and remove packages from the caddy build on upgrade?

caddy upgrade --add-package
RandomDSdevel commented Sep 23, 2017


None yet, but I'm working on OS X v10.11.6 'El Capitan' client-side. (See 'The way of deployment (cloud or local)' below for details on considered server infrastructure.)

Ansible version

None yet, as I haven't yet gotten that far into setting up Algo.

Version of components from requirements.txt

Not applicable (see above.)

Summary of the pro

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  • Updated Jun 23, 2021
  • PHP
shrugs commented Apr 12, 2018

🎉 Description

The ECDSA contract has a function toEthSignedMessage(bytes32), but we should have a function that works for any length of a bytes array:

function toEthSignedMessage(bytes s) pure internal returns (bytes32) {
  return keccak256(
    "\x19Ethereum Signed Message:\n",

Where uintToBytes is implemented from an ideally


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