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savvyray commented Jun 29, 2021

Both versions of nacos2.0.0 and nacos2.0.2 were tried, unable to cluster successfully under mac and centos, the log output service is being restarted, unable to start normally, and cannot complete the election.

fyodor commented Mar 16, 2021

Right now, whenever Zenmap crashes, it gives the user a stack trace and asks the user to send it to the Nmap dev list. So we get a flood of emails (most of which aren't even allowed through moderation) which often contain just a stack trace with no subject line or any explanatory text in the message body. Lots of these are for well known issues in older versions of Zenmap. So it's not very usef

XVincentX commented Jan 2, 2018

If not for some particular exceptions, the status code returned from our WebAPI on error is always 500, regardless of the kind of error.

If an object already exists, for example, it should be returned as 409. If the object does not pass the schema validation, it should be a 415.

Go through the whole WebAPI and verify that the status codes are being returned correctly.

Hint: Error cl

akaxb commented Dec 10, 2020

Describe the bug

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when my core 3.1 app host in IIS, the url console is,so,when i have Multiple instances,the instances name will be the same,such as,eureka server think they are a single instance.
i print the console in source code:


Demo for Spring Boot 2 and Spring Cloud microservices with distributed configuration (Spring Cloud Config), service discovery (Eureka), API gateway (Spring Cloud Gateway, Zuul), Swagger2 API documentation, logs correlation using Spring Cloud Sleuth and many more

  • Updated Aug 11, 2020
  • Java

ScaleCube Services is a high throughput, low latency reactive microservices library built to scale. it features: API-Gateways, service-discovery, service-load-balancing, the architecture supports plug-and-play service communication modules and features. built to provide performance and low-latency real-time stream-processing. its open and designed to accommodate changes. (no sidecar in a form of broker or any kind)

  • Updated Jun 18, 2021
  • Java

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