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yamahata commented Jan 30, 2019

native glibc (not-modified for graphene or USE_clone_FOR_fork defined) uses clone(2) syscall for fork(3) library function

This doesn't work as expected and the execution stalls somewhere. I guess it's not tested
because modified glibc uses fork(2) system call, not clone(2).

Once this is fixed, glibc modi

Shnatsel commented Nov 6, 2019

JIT is quite perilous from the correctness and security standpoints, but this is currently not addressed in the README.

If you write an interpreter in Rust you can use rustc to guarantee memory safety, but with JIT you're essentially emitting arbitrary assembly at runtime and jumping into it. No amount of memory safety guarantees on the original code will guarantee memory safety in the genera

eddyashton commented Sep 2, 2019

We use 3rd party test cases through harness.cpp, but many are disabled. Some for good reasons - gas tracking, oversized exponents - but others fail for unknown reasons.

We should investigate these remaining failures, and also see if there's anything to gain from pulling in more recent test cases. If we find significant untested holes, we should add our own test scenarios to cover these valida

conz27 commented Mar 4, 2019

Docker has built-in tools that can give the exact image size without having to make the user explicitly specify it.

docker image inspect <image_name> --format='{{ .Size }}' returns the image size in bytes.

Ideally, a user should only have to do the following:
./sgx-lkl-disk --create --docker=<image_name|Dockerfile>

In the case "Dockerfile" is supplied, sgx-lkl-disk may have to define

Final Year Project @hku Department of Computer Science | HGFRR includes a new peer-to-peer network protocol that improves communication efficiency and security among peers, and an implementation of a fast, secure blockchain system on top of this P2P network.

  • Updated Feb 17, 2020
  • Python

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