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horenmar commented Nov 25, 2020

They should take single matcher during construction, and their match method should take a generic range, using the new generic matcher support.

Expected usage:

REQUIRE_THAT(get_keys(), AllMatch(KeyPattern({1, 2, 3})));
REQUIRE_THAT(get_numbers(), NoneMatch(IsOdd{}));
REQUIRE_THAT(get_strings(), AnyMatch(Contains("webscale") && !Contains("MongoDB")));

the matching semantics

mity commented Jan 11, 2020

Make the output, especially as generated by the macros TEST_CHECK(), TEST_MSG() and TEST_DUMP(), automatically adapt to the current terminal size, so that it looks good in a reasonably small terminal window but can use effectively more space if the terminal window is big.

This should involve:

  1. Explore what API is available for the purpose on the platform of your choice.
  2. A pre-pro

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