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bourreauEric commented Nov 16, 2017

Expected behavior

limit the first search strategy to 1 second in solve THEN use the second strategy (to improve the best so far solution)

Actual behavior

search.limit Monitor are attach to search and not strategy.

Minimal Working Example

Experienced with choco-solver-4.0.4

new AbstractStrategy[] {
Search.intVarSearch(new MaxRegret(), new IntDoma

jcoupey commented Oct 7, 2020

When using libosrm, the profile values for vehicles have to match the dataset names used when loading data using osrm-datastore. When a wrong profile value is used in input, we catch the OSRM error and pass it on to generate a custom error that looks like:

{"code":3,"error":"Invalid shared memory region: foo"}

This unnecessarily exposes the OSRM internals and is especially no


zzllrr mather(an offline tool for Math learning, education and research)小乐数学,离线可用的数学学习(自学或教学)、研究辅助工具。计划覆盖数学全部学科的解题、作图、演示、探索工具箱。目前是演示Demo版(抛转引玉),但已经支持数学公式编辑显示,部分作图功能,部分学科,如线性代数、离散数学的部分解题功能。最终目标是推动专业数学家、编程专家、教育工作者、科普工作者共同打造出更加专业级的Mather数学工具

  • Updated Oct 21, 2020
  • JavaScript
djrakita commented Oct 25, 2019

Hi! I am very new to Rust, so I apologize if this ends up being a naive question.

So, for my robot motion optimization application, I have created an objective function and gradient function in the required format using closures, but the closure types are FnMut’s rather than Fn’s. This leads to the compiler complaining since the OpEn library forces the objective and gradient functions to be F

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