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langbogen commented Jan 22, 2019

The rule "Ncss Type Count” (pmd:NcssTypeCount) has a recommended replacement of "Source files should have a sufficient density of comment lines” (common-java:InsufficientCommentDensity).
This is not a match as the original rule counts statements, and the new rule counts the comment density.

For "Ncss Method Count” (pmd:NcssMethodCount) the replacement rule is “Methods should not have too many

carlspring commented Oct 8, 2019

Hello again! :)

I can see that there is support for identifying JUnit reports and I was wondering, if you could add an actual example that uses this for a mixed codebase. I know you're not really concerned with JaCoCo here, but there are many projects that have legacy codebases which contain both Scala and Java code and getting the code analysis + coverage for them to work is not straight-f

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