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Bukkit is a Minecraft server modification software and API, and while the original project itself is stale, forks like PaperMC and Spigot are actively maintained, and most plugins and servers use some variant of Bukkit.

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RealHypnoticOcelot commented Oct 6, 2021


Having the bot give you a role based on a name of that role feels a lot less secure and more unreliable than giving you a role based on the role ID.

What and How?

In the config, it should request Role ID(i.e. 895290544421490758) instead of name(i.e. "Linked")

Are there alternatives?

I mean you could just keep what you currently have


  • I have used the search a
kossnikita commented Nov 20, 2021

Skript/Server Version

[23:57:24 INFO]: [Skript] Server Version: git-Paper-"81d89f6" (MC: 1.17.1)
[23:57:24 INFO]: [Skript] Skript Version: 2.6
[23:57:24 INFO]: [Skript] Installed Skript Addons:

No Addons

Bug Description

After calling the expression %timespan% (from|after) [the] [date] %date%, the date in the variable changes.

Expected Behavior

Executing `%timespa

bob7l commented Apr 18, 2020

The email feature is very cool, but sadly lacks the ability to unregister these emails, even through API.

This is very problematic because it means the user cannot ever sell the account or transfer ownership after registering an email.

Another issue is they can't ever remove an unwanted email when they add more then one.

Created by Nathan "Dinnerbone" Adams

Released December 22, 2010


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