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plajjan commented Jul 2, 2021

It seems to me that UTC is selected for on the wire representation of time as well as in the database (jaegertracing/jaeger#712), which sort of makes sense, at least with a somewhat naive handling of timezones. However, I think that the Jaeger UI should support displaying times in the timezone local to the user, i.e. of the browser as to reduce the mental load when viewing

simonz130 commented Jun 29, 2021

Currently (as of 0.7.0) NEOS tutorial that is opening up next to Cloud Shell window has 9 pages. 6 of them look similar but shorter versions of what's available in the user guide.
We want to shorten the NEOS tutorial and move details into the user guide. (Hugo static website under /website folder)

help wanted good first issue priority: p1 type: docs

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