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xoxota99 commented May 21, 2019

Generated cpp code appears to assign results of multiple solutions to the same "argument" variable, and uses undeclared th_1, th_2, th_3 (etc) variables in solution calculations. The code won't compile, and is unusable.

The generated python code doesn't appear to have these issues.

My robot definition:

    if(name == 'Flexo'):
       # standardize on the order "alpha N-1, a N-1, d N, 
Micky71 commented May 27, 2021

syms a;

unique([a,a]) works fine, but


leads to the following error:
error: Python exception: UnboundLocalError: local variable ‘s’ referenced before assignment
occurred at line 1 of the Python code block:
return sp.Matrix([list(uniq(*ins))]),
error: called from
pycall_sympy_ at line 178 column 7
unique at line 55 column 5

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