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evereq commented Sep 24, 2019

Current Implementation

  • in Local Dev env (Docker Compose) we are using nginx reverse proxy only (simple enough)
  • in Dev env we are not using any proxy at the moment
  • in Demo env we are using Fargate + ALB in AWS (DB will be reset to initial state every night)
  • in Prod env we are going to use AWS EKS (k8s)

Because we want to keep each tenant infra fully isolated (separate serverles

cheukyin699 commented Oct 26, 2019

Please give a one-sentence summary of the cleanup you would like done.
There is no documentation to how you are supposed to configure IAM and watchtower and whatnot for amazon AWS.

Please give as many details as possible about the cleanup or refactoring.
Add the documentation.

MLavrentyev commented Jan 22, 2019

There's currently a lot of configuration variables in that I'd like to make more accessible (i.e. so teams can set them without searching through the code). In particular, the following:

  • Theme color (and light theme color)
  • Time zone
  • Logo url
  • Email address & password (maybe?? not sure how yet)

It'd be at something like <domain name>/team/settings. I'd need to figure o

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