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MehrCurry commented Aug 24, 2019

The browserstack example from the documentation does not work for me.

The line capabilities=browserstack-os-x gives me an exception. It seems that
the line is parsed as JSON.

Browser failed to start, test [ titleOfDuckDuckGoShouldContainSearchQueryName ] execution interrupted.
Caused by: [ Unable to determine type from: b. Last 1 characters read: b
Build info: version: '3.141.59', 
sspieker-cc commented May 14, 2019

Describe the solution you'd like
Various changes to the a project that utilizes the Carina Framework for testing seems to have disabled or overridden the log4j logging options with no changes being applied to the maven carina template supplied files. If there was a documented class that could be used for a debugging entry point we (QA Test devs) can follow the process from the onset and iden

goodsophia commented Apr 19, 2019

SeLion Version



Expected Behavior

ios cases can be run on IOS(iphone:11.2,iphoneX) app

Actual Behavior

run cases on IOS(iphone:11.2,iphoneX) app, it throws NoClassDefFoundError, it seems there is no JsonException in selenium-remote-driver 3.7.1

Steps to Reproduce

  1. write one ios case:
danielshama commented Nov 5, 2017

I'm trying the remote recording using the documentation example.


public void setUp() throws Exception {

    URL hubUrl = new URL("http://localhost:4444/wd/hub");

    driver = new RemoteWebDriver(hubUrl, DesiredCapabilities.firefox());

    String nodeIp = GridInfoExtractor.getNodeIp(hubUrl, driver.getSessionId().toString());

yaronweiss commented Jun 21, 2018

When user open a solution there will be help pages to guide him for the specific implementation
When user receive a solution the how to do things is not clear, for example if the Business flows need data which is located in excel file in Documents, so first time it will take time to figure out how to do stuff even if the user is very experience in Ginger

*Describe the solution you'd like

grasbergerm commented Aug 1, 2019

Right now, the service level calls are using HttpURLConnection. HttpURLConnection provides a blank slate to make a request with few default values. Session values are not preserved by default, so this means manually setting an x-auth-token or JSESSIONID when authenticating and making a request to another endpoint behind authentication.
There are many libraries for Java that will preserve a sessio

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