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colesmj commented Oct 21, 2018

"AA03": { "description": "Weakness in SSO Authorization", "source": (Process, Element), "target": (Process, Server), "condition": "target.implementsAuthenticationScheme is False", },

What if the Process implements BasicAuth or uses mutual TLS (neither of which is SSO)?
If the Process uses SAML or OAuth, then maybe.
Maybe authenticationScheme as a string var is neces

Mr Kyoashi is very famous man, he recently open new lab in spain , which can perform experiments on Quantum Physics, Computer. However yesterday, on conference he discuss about his achievement, that is Quantum Teleportation. QT open new areas in physics, perhaps it also allow new threats. One of the big, event happen on morning , somebody kidnapped Mr Kyoashi at his home.

  • Updated Dec 25, 2019
  • ASP

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