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mitrymoe commented May 13, 2020


First of all thank you for the hard work put into this, it's a really awesome project that I still learn how to use.
I'm not that proficient in using python so that is why I'll put my suggestion here. I have used python more for machine learning stuff and there the option of searching hyperparameters was also between grid and random search. However, I found that using bayesian optimizati

nikhilsaraf commented Jun 2, 2020


When naming a bot with characters such as < and or > it attempts to create a file with that name and also remove that file when deleting which fails:

error running rm command for bot configs: error in bash command 'rm /Users/user/.kelp/bot_data/configs/usd_<>_xlm*' for namespace 'rm': (eWait=exit status 1, outputBytes=, eRead=<nil>)

We should disallow names t

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