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richytong commented Nov 21, 2020

If you have in your posession code or have seen code in the wild that you would like to share via the examples folder of rubico, please contribute. You can make a pull request directly and I will review it. I suppose it goes without saying that it should have something to do with rubico.

The examples should be runnable in the browser.

help wanted Extra attention is needed good first issue Good for newcomers
filipdanic commented Oct 18, 2018
  • head – returns the first element
  • last – the opposite of head; returns the last element
  • tail - all elements except the first one
  • reduceRight – similar to how we implemented reduce
  • concat – takes in n-arrays and combines them. So concat(arr1, arr2, ...arrN)
  • take – returns the first n elements of an array. So take(n)(arr)
  • takeWhile – `takeWhile(condition)(a

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