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In this paper, we introduce SAShA, a new attack strategy that leverages semantic features extracted from a knowledge graph in order to strengthen the efficacy of the attack to standard CF models. We performed an extensive experimental evaluation in order to investigate whether SAShA is more effective than baseline attacks against CF models by taking into account the impact of various semantic features.

  • Updated Feb 11, 2021
  • Python

Proposal of a novel adversarial attack approach, called Target Adversarial Attack against Multimedia Recommender Systems (TAaMR), to investigate the modification of MR behavior when the images of a category of low recommended products (e.g., socks) are perturbed to misclassify the deep neural classifier towards the class of more recommended products (e.g., running shoes) with human-level slight images alterations.

  • Updated Feb 11, 2021
  • Python

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