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Features: Broadcasts a custom message to all players when a player joins and/or leaves the server. Players can add/change/remove their own messages (with the proper permissions). "Mods" can add/change/remove anyone's messages. The config includes the addition of blacklisted phrases that cannot be used in messages (unless you have the mod permission), along with a default broadcast color. Commands: /greet <message>: Sets the user's greeting announcement. /readgreet <player>: Reads the user's greeting and leaving announcements. /setgreet <player> <message>: Sets the specified user's greeting announcement. Replace /greet with /leave for the same functions for leaving announcements. Use /reload to reload the OnlineAnnounceConfig.json file and re-sync with the database.

  • Updated Oct 4, 2021
  • C#

Update for the latest TShock version. # PlayerInfo A player info modifier/checker for TShock | Command, Alias(es)| Permission | Description | |-------------------|----------------------|----------------------------------------------------| | checkinfo, cinfo | playerinfo.checkinfo | Check another player's max and current HP and mana | | nick, name | playerinfo.selfname | Change your nickname | | stats | playerinfo.hpnmana | Set another player's max HP and mana |

  • Updated Oct 14, 2021
  • C#

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