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JukkaL commented Nov 21, 2019

Some users don't understand why mypy complains about incompatible overrides. We could add an extra note in cases where the argument type is narrower in an override or the return type is wider (or all incompatible overrides). The note could mention Liskov substitution principle and add a link to mypy documentation (add a new section to perhap

SKalt commented Oct 28, 2018

Issue Scope

  1. provide an example in the guided tour on following imports in a virtualenv
  2. clarify CLI argument documentation to show how to pass multiple directories to --search-path

The Story

I wanted to write an example of checking pip-installed imports using pyre. After reading through the documentation, I found that vanilla `source activate my-venv; pyre --source-directory

zero323 commented Sep 12, 2019

Example annotation:

from typing import overload

def f(x: str) -> str: ...
def f(x: int) -> int: ...

and source file

def f(x):
    if isinstance(x, (str, int)):
        return x
        raise TypeError(f"x should be str or int, got {type(x)}")


merge-pyi foo.pyi

Actual output


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