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TypeScript is an open source programming language developed by Microsoft and first released in 2012. It is designed to add type safety to JavaScript while conforming as closely as possible to the syntax and semantics of the ECMAScript standard.

It is a syntactical superset of the JavaScript programming language; all valid JavaScript source code is also valid TypeScript source code, but not vice-versa. TypeScript compiles (or transpiles) to JavaScript, meaning that it can be utilized to target any JavaScript environment. It can be used to develop JavaScript for both client-side and server-side applications.

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Alan-LOL commented Jan 14, 2022


Is this demo correct? how ngZone knows when to update the view as zone.js hasn't patch someNewAsyncAPI

export class AppComponent implements OnInit {
  constructor(private ngZone: NgZone) {}
  ngOnInit() {
    // New async API is not handled by Zone, so you need to
    // use to make the asynchronous operation in the Angular zone
    // and trigger change 
sandersn commented Dec 9, 2021

ES imports and exports can only be used at the top level of a module. This is illegal:

function container() {
  import 'fs'
  export { container }
  namespace N { }

The current errors for these three statements are vague and, for JS, contain irrelevant terms:


(1) "An import declaration can only be used in a namespace or module."
(2) "An export declaration can

idesigncode commented Nov 24, 2021

Describe the bug
In Firefox, the zoom feature uses transform styles (see storybookjs/storybook#12845) - unfortunately this breaks positioning on elements that require position: fixed when in the "Docs" view.

Normally a position: fixed element's position would correspond to the viewport but in Firefox it corresponds to the element with the transform style.

erkanarslan commented Mar 5, 2020

Provide version numbers for the following components (information can be retrieved by running tns info in your project folder or by inspecting the package.json of the project):

  • CLI: 6.2.2
  • Cross-platform modules: 6.0.1
  • Android Runtime: 6.2.0
  • iOS Runtime: 6.2.0
  • Plugin(s): unrelated

Describe the bug
openFile method of utils module does not preview the

binary64 commented Aug 2, 2021

Bug description

On windows, I run prisma format and note the unusual file ending. The lines are all LF, but the very last line is CRLF.

This causes issue on my Linux CI where it formats it ending in LF's only, causing a diff to occur and the build to fail.

How to reproduce

  1. On windows do prisma format
  2. Open in HxD or similar
  3. See attached:


ViggoV commented Nov 21, 2019


  • Package version(s): @blueprintjs/core@3.17.2 @blueprintjs/select@3.11.2
  • Browser and OS versions: MacOS Catalina (10.15.1) / Chrome 78.0.3904.108


Is there any solid documentation for the renderFilteredItems() utility function exported from the select package? It is briefly mentioned under the itemListRenderer props section of the select c

svengau commented Jun 4, 2021

Copy some text, then on official demo, select all content (ctrl A + ctrl A) and try to paste. Nothing happens.

This is a minor bug, because a quick workaround is to delete the text prior to paste the content of the clipboard.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Copy some text
  2. Go to
  3. Select all content, by typing ctrl A + ctrl A
  4. Try to paste

Device, Browser, OS: Macboo


Created by Microsoft

Released October 1, 2012

Latest release 4 days ago


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