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DamianPereira commented Apr 27, 2021

I currently have a very big hook, with dozens of useStates, lots of them have empty arrays which trigger unncesary re-renders. But I don't know which is the one doing it each time wdyr logs it's output. I get:

Re-rendered because of hook changes: 
[hook useState result]

When would be very useful for me is:

Re-rendered because of hook changes:
[hook useState result] 
MVrachev commented Sep 1, 2021

Description of issue or feature request:

Current behavior:
Delegation role names are not restricted in any way in the spec, but they are targets metadata role names.
That could lead to a problem if delegation role names are one of root, timestamp, snapshot or targets.

Expected behavior:
Make sure that delegation role names aren't one of the top-level metadata roles.

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