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medcloud commented Nov 14, 2020

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Alecaddd commented Jan 7, 2020

Expected Behavior

When the user edits the properties of a CanvasItem the SelectEffect should disappear until the end of the interaction, with a delay of 2 seconds.

This behaviour is commonly used in other design tools to remove the visual noise of the selection bound when the user needs to edit the visual aspects of an item.

Eg. editing the color of a 1px thick border is pretty hard

addyosmani commented May 2, 2020

The current badge overlay close button will remove the badge from the page, but will not persist the badge closure during your session. This might be surprising to developers (e.g I see my metrics -> close badge -> CLS wasn't final and just updated -> whoops here's the badge again).

Few options....

  1. Clicking close will be the same as disabling the overlay for the particular tab (i.e we upd

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