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esune commented Feb 20, 2021

After successfully responding to a proof-request, vc-authn will compile a JWT which contains all of the attribute values that were received when responding to the proof-request.

It would be best to wrap all of those attributes in an object (e.g.: presented_attribute_values) in order to facilitate integration with third-party AIM systems such as Keycloak. This would only require setting-up t

swcurran commented Mar 26, 2020

While the team building aries-vcr has been pretty good at adding logging in a useful way, there is some inconsistency in log entry handling. This task is to formalize the logging approach across the board, and then to do a pass through the code ensuring that the logging statements match the intention of the approach.

The first part (formalizing) is likely just creating something like a "logging

esune commented Feb 16, 2021

Issuing credentials with attributes set to a blank string is currently not supported: this is because of how the SurveyJS component responsible for gathering the credential attribute information works and ignore empty fields.

It should be possible to run a function on survey completion that checks whether there are empty attributes that were not added to the payload and add them with a default

WadeBarnes commented Mar 21, 2021

In order to ensure established best practices we want to ensure a node has been configured to use separate NICs for node and client communications, and they have been configured with different IP addresses on different subnets.

There can be two levels to this:

  • The public level which is reported in the node summary of each node (client-address and node-address fields). This data is based
esune commented Dec 9, 2020

When publishing a new tails file, the server needs to read the current state of the targeted ledger in order to check the state of the revocation registry.

Every time a new file is pushed, the server needs to "start from scratch" and re-read all of the transactions from inception on the specified ledger (via the genesis file specified during upload + new entries on that ledger).

To speed-up

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