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p3k commented May 6, 2018


  1. Alert potential other site owners of deletion request.
  2. Hard delete all owned sites including stories, comments, images etc.
  3. Soft delete all created comments in sites not owned by account
  4. Hard delete all created stories, images etc. in sites not owned by account
  5. Block account
  6. Keep username to prevent identity take-over
  7. Set personal data to dummy values? (e.
intvsteve commented Jan 11, 2019

The Title property does not behave as one may expect regarding a normal property setter. It has odd "rules".

These should either be justified and documented, or made less surprising.

Preventing setting a ROM title to null or empty makes sense - though perhaps throwing rather than ignoring would be better. The other behaviors (see the source) are … odd and sadly unexplained. Perhaps the no

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