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rainersigwald commented Jul 8, 2020

We have several errors/warnings that have a URL in the text of the message. After #5488 (thanks, @jmezac!) we'll have a structured way to represent this that will eventually (dotnet/project-system#6335) be used in the Visual Studio UI.

We should use that!

Likely candidates:

$ rg "fwlink|aka\.ms" -g *resx
683:    <
dansiegel commented Dec 21, 2019


Many API's are currently lacking XML docs or have invalid markup. As we begin to explore adding API documentation to the Prism Docs, we need to update the existing codebase with more complete XML docs so that these docs can be generated for the docs site.


While updated and added XML docs should include Summaries, and information for parameters/return values, it will o

CrispyDrone commented Jul 2, 2019

Feature category

  • Check(Type 'x') any that Applicable item:
    • Vim
    • Vim plugin

Currently it seems that VsVim (and Vim for that matter) do not support interpolated strings of C#. It would be really neat if in a string like the following:

logger.Info($"Starting to move tokens {(string.Join(", ", tokens))} from card with code: {oldCard.Code} to replacement card with

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